Computational Immunology & Immunomics Group

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Catania Immunomics Group

The Computational Immunology & Immunomics Group (CI&IG)

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The Computational Immunology & Immunomics Group (CI&IG) is a bio-simulation research group on the cutting edge of in silico modeling. The main target of the group is to provide modeling technology able to give critical information to accelerate and improve drug discovery and vaccine development and  preclinical experiment design, lead selection, and clinical trial design.

CI&IG experience makes possible to build bottom-up predictive models based on biological pathways spanning the molecular, cellular, organ, organism, and population scales. We collaborate with bio-medical world to provide models for their use and needs. Successfully developed computational/mathematical models include breast cancer, metastatic processes, atherosclerosis, influenza and multiple sclerosis.

We successfully participated to the EC funded project ImmunoGrid ( where we produced most of the models which are now available on line.

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